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Knowledge Is Power

Timely and accurate intelligence isn’t optional in today’s business environment; it’s essential.

As the world’s economic and financial systems undergo this very challenging period of unrest and uncertainty, commercial leaders, business creditors, and developing businesses are faced with tumultuous challenges almost daily, creating the need to limit risk wherever possible.

Troy Group, Inc. assists clients in assessing risk, avoiding loss, preventing fraud, and making informed business decisions.

Troy Group, Inc. has helped countless clients by constructing accurate profiles of individuals and businesses, utilizing the latest investigative technology and our proprietary investigation and analysis techniques. We customize our investigations to meet the unique needs of our clients. 

Troy Group, Inc. is staffed by former U.S. federal agents, information specialists, researchers, and fraud investigators, who have conducted thousands of investigations. We provide our clients with the tools they need to make informed decisions and with the answers they need to their investigative inquiries. 

Join our clients, who include Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, law firms, and small businesses, and discover how Troy Group, Inc. can provide you with critical information that will bolster your confidence to conduct business better.

In over 1200 due diligence investigations conducted in 2020:



of the investigations identified significant red flags.


of the due diligence investigations identified liens and judgements.



of the due diligence investigations identified suits involving financial institutions or government agencies.



of the due diligence investigations identified breach of contract suits filed in federal and county courts.

Other red flags included active litigation, RICO suits, fraud suits, criminal records, bankruptcies, OFAC Listings, Global Sanctions, PEP Listings, License Violations, and excess litigation.

Our Services

Due Diligence Investigations

Due Diligence strengthens your confidence by confirming the integrity of potential business partners and companies involved in a business transaction. A due diligence investigation is an intensive information gathering process resulting in an accurate portrait of companies and individuals. A due diligence investigation can quickly and accurately assess risk, protect against and prevent actual or potential fraud, and guide informed business decisions. Due Diligence investigations are conducted for financial institutions, corporations, and law firms when they are considering the following:

New Business Relationships

Merger & Acquisitions

Executive Background Checks

Asset Searches

Troy Group, Inc. provides individual and corporate asset searches to determine the economic viability of litigation, to identify and locate the assets of individuals or corporations who default on their financial responsibilities, and to track misappropriated assets in judgment recovery and debt collection cases.

International Investigations

Troy Group, Inc. has established a global network of international affiliates and information sources. This has lead to successful investigations and due diligence investigations in Canada, Hong Kong, Europe, and South America.

Fraud Investigations

Fraud is costly. Using internal resources can, and often does, compromise an investigation. Troy Group, Inc. provides a professionally executed and managed investigation, which is vital to a successful resolution. When a fraud is suspected or known to have occurred, involving Troy Group, Inc. immediately will ensure the best possible outcome.

Investigative Research

Troy Group, Inc. compares and analyzes numerous databases, which provide important information in due diligence investigations.

Security Consultation

Understanding the methods used to commit and conceal fraud is key to prevention. Our fraud prevention and security consultation services provide awareness, discussion and guidance.

Executive Protection

Our protection agents are specially trained to detect, assess, and neutralize risks. They act immediately when safety is compromised.

About Us

Troy Group, Inc.

As national and international economic and financial systems undergo this very challenging period of adjustment, commercial leaders, business creditors and developing businesses are besieged with the need to limit risk. Troy Group, Inc. assists clients in assessing risk, avoiding loss and and making informed business decisions.

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